Fasting and Prayer

Fasting and prayer are a means of “spiritual and physical purification, and growth toward Heaven”. While praying, we can set aside “all earthly cares” and “lift up our hearts…to the Lord”.

We fast before major Church Feasts especially:

  • Pascha (Easter);
  • Saints Peter and Paul;
  • Dormition of the Mother of God;
  • Nativity of our Lord; and
  • Theophany of our Lord.

We fast on Wednesdays in remembrance of Jesus’ betrayal and on Fridays in remembrance of His crucifixion. We also fast before receiving Holy Communion. Fasting involves abstaining from certain foods (usually animal products, olive oil and wine), from large quantities of food, and leading a life of prayer.

For the peace from above; for the salvation of our souls; let us pray to the Lord.
(Divine Liturgy)